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The Platinum Assistant Network South Africa (PAN-SA) is dedicated exclusively to the secretarial profession. We are a unique brand of management support strategists, who have evolved from typists to strategic team players, contributing to the day to day organisational, decision making and efficiency within our organisations, to ensure optimal support and service excellence to our executives and their teams.

connect. collaborate. educate. share.

Thank you!

Dear PANSA Member

We hope you have been keeping well and rocking your PANSA membership!

We wanted to personally drop into your messages to check in and see how you are? Seriously, how are you?

When you joined the ultimate AssistantHood that is Platinum Assistant Network SA, You turned up. That is the most important thing that you can take away from today. You took action. You MADE IT HAPPEN! You should be proud because it identifies that you want to make changes and so much magic can be created when you want change in your life, whether professionally, financially or personally. Who said you couldn’t have all three right?!

As we continue into Q3 2022, we want to ensure that you are keeping to good habits and by that, we mean prioritising you. You deserve this!

Tell us, what can we do to help support you on your journey for 2022? What would you like to reignite and fall back in love with? Is it that you need clarity, goal setting, training, development? Whatever it is, we are here to support throughout.

See, what you need to know is that everything is already on offer in abundance. You just have to seek it and it will find you. It’s not a miracle that will just appear in a flash. You need to align your thought process to create the life that you wish to create. Why is it that other people dream of a certain life and live it, yet we are content on just sitting on the side-lines, eat popcorn and watching in awe. YOU CAN DO IT FOR YOU. You just have to WANT it with every fibre in your being.

Be proud of yourself today! It’s very hard to take ownership but you need to realise you are the CEO. You can fire and hire as you wish. Protect that energy. Cancel your subscription to other people’s issues and take out a subscription to YOU!

Let us know if there is anything we can do to support, and we will be there.

Stay inspired, stay aligned and remember how far you have come! 🧡

Warm PANSA greetings

WHAT WE OFFERAs a paid member you will have access to ALL resources, information, links, training and
developmental initiatives and material.


A learning and development portal where you have the opportunity to upgrade your skills, book one-on-one coaching and mentoring opportunities with experienced specialists, and access developmental resources to help you grow as a PA.

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This portal will give you access to connect you with handpicked procurement vendors who can help you with that special corporate gift, travel need, florists and everything else in-between.

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Attend national educational events, summits, training workshops, Management Assistant EXPO’s and many other events which influence and upgrade your skills, at discounted rates for all paid members.

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Here we share book reviews, give you discounts on subscriptions of selected industry related magazines, free downloadable books, how-to manuals and links to some of the worlds’ top Management Assistant authors.

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Provides a variety of usable, downloadable everyday resources you need as to do your job effectively, from Agenda templates, to hand over documents, as well as process guides and tips

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Simply complete the membership form attached and advise the method of payment (we can invoice your company on your behalf for you, if you choose as we are a registered, non-profit organisation.



‘We connect, collaborate, educate
and share with the Assistant profession’